SwellPro Waterproof payload release with full-HD low-light camera and 1-axis gimbal (support recording)


SwellPro Waterproof payload release with full-HD low-light camera and 1-axis gimbal (support recording)

  • Designed for low-light and night-time.
  • Colour HD images in darkness.
  • Dual Spotlights.
  • Live and recorded video.
  • Locate target zones at night.

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The SwellPro PL4 Night Camera and Payload release is a professional night vision camera with a remotely controlled payload release mechanism.

With excellent low-light sensitivity as well as built-in spotlights, the PL4 enables flights in low light and darkness – recording startling, detailed, colour images even at night.

The PL4 night vision camera is equipped with a 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor with high-definition video resolution of 1080P/60fps. Unlike many night vision systems, the PL4 always shoots in colour – delivering clear images even in near darkness. Additionally, the built-in spotlights can be used to increase light levels for use in complete darkness.

Fast remote delivery of bait or equipment – even at night

The PL4 release mechanism is made of high quality stainless steel and machined aluminium. The precision mechanism is fast to setup and allows for accurate deployment of payloads up to 1kg – wherever you need.

Water Search and Rescue (SAR)

With the PL4, the SplashDrone 3+ can perform search and rescue missions in low light and at night-time. Quickly identify rescue targets and precisely deliver life-saving equipment.

Night Fishing

The PL4 adds to the SplashDrone’s already impressive drone fishing capabilities. Land on the water surface or hover above and the combination of spotlights and the low light camera attracts fish as well as being able to see further underwater at night. Identify your target area and then remotely drop your bait or lures.

Night Inspection

Perform traffic, security and equipment inspection tasks over rivers and lakes at night. With the PL4, these tasks do not need to wait for daylight.

Assist in Law Enforcement

By being able to “see in the dark”, the PL4 allows law-enforcement to more easily search for offenders at night and save a colour record to aid investigation and prosecution.