MakeBlock STEAM Education Kit – Robot Science


MakeBlock STEAM Education Kit – Robot Science

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STEAM Education -Science Robot kit is an educational coding kit that is based on an open-source platform. The kit includes a variety of sensors, electronic modules and mechanical components, and comes with 16 companion lessons. With mBlock, a visual programming software, you can program the kit to solve real-life problems and create fascinating science projects.

1.Various electronic modules and components to build a wide variety of shapes.
2. Making it easy to learn programming.
3. Comprehensive educational materials to facilitate teaching

16 lessons in 4 themes :

Ⅰ Colorful World:

  1. Dance Party
  2. Emergency Rescue
  3. Penguin Spy
  4. Fabulous Frog

Ⅱ Tech Life:

  1. Autopilot Technology
  2. Energy-saving Life
  3. Measurement Engineer
  4. Clever Lamp

Ⅲ Family Games:

  1. Electronic Pet
  2. Lucky Wheel
  3. Volume Racing
  4. Guess the Number Game

Ⅳ Smart Applications:

  1. Temperature Laboratory
  2. Smart Cooling Machine
  3. Smart Barrier Gate
  4. Crosswalk Safety System