Insta360 One R Aerial Edition for Mavic Pro (Drone Mount *1, Split Lens 360 Mod *1, Vertical Battery Base *1, Battery Base *1, Mounting Bracket*1


Insta360 One R Aerial Edition for Mavic Pro 

  • Aerial Add-On includes 1x Split-Lens 360 Mod, 1x Vertical Battery Base, 1x Drone Mount, 1 pair of Lens Guards and 1x Lens Cap.

    Note: Does not include Insta360 ONE R Core, which is required to operate ONE R.

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  • Note: Not compatible with Mavic Pro’s GPS. Using the Insta360 ONE R Aerial Edition with the Mavic Pro will affect the drone’s GPS signal.

  • The Aerial Edition for Mavic Pro requires extensive professional experience in safely operating drones. Non-professionals are not recommended to purchase this Edition, as they may bear the risk of damages during flight