Huion Pen Tablet Inspiroy H430P


Battery-free pen, 4096 levels of pen pressure sensitivity

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Main Features:

  1. Perfect for OSU!: faster and easier to run your favourite game
  2. Battery-free Pen: never need to charge the pen now
  3. Detachable USB: easy to change the cable, lesser hassle
  4. 4096 levels of pen pressure sensitivity: more accurate for 2 times than before
  5.    Lighter than your phone: only weighs 135g
  6. 4 Customizable Express Keys: Efficient to set your favourite shortcuts of your needs.

Product Description:

More control on OSU!

H430P will be the perfect tablet for playing OSU!, 4.8 x 3in active area let you get more control with your pace and accuracy in the game. More points and more fun!

No charging anymore

The brand new battery-free pen is easy to use, and it has no need for charging. Never need to worry about the pen went dead in the middle of game or work process.

Detachable USB

Using detachable USB cable help saving the cable life and makes the tablet even more easy to carry around. And if the cable got damaged, just changed into a new one and you are good to go.

Higher Sensitivity

From 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity to 4096 levels, H430P double up the original pressure sensitivity which makes it more accurate in your game or any work process.

4 Customizable Express Keys

can be customized to undo, choose brush, paste etc. It is designed to improve work efficiency.

Portable and convenient

H430P is only 186.6 x 139.2mm large and weighs 135g. It is super light and compact. You can take it on the go easily and set it up anywhere you go.

Many Possibilities

Besides being your perfect companion in OSU!, H430P is great for beginner drawing, mouse replacement, film editing, digital signature inputting and so on.


Compatible with Windows 7 or later, MacOS 10.11 or later.

Also compatible with all major digital art programs.


18cm (H) x 23cm (L) x 5cm (W)

PEN Model



12 months


Graphics Tablet

Battery-free Pen

Micro USB Cable

Pen Nibs x 8

Pen Nib Clip

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