Boly SG2060-T 48MP game trail camera


48MP image resolution and 1080P video
100ft.detection and lighting range
Takes colour picture and video night
Supports up to a 64GB SD card
2.0 ”built-in display for playback
Motion Sharp technology
Best picture quality

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The Boly SG2060-T trail camera / game camera captures the highest in class pictures and videos, providing more high-quality with Dual focus during day and night time. The SG2060-T is the best in class because it offers the best images versus the competition.

Once detecting movement, the trail game camera will trigger instantly without delay. You will never miss any exciting moments even at night. The trigger distance is up to 100 ft. and 90ft. black IR flash range. The best detection range in the business.

Our patented PIR (passive infrared) Fresnel lens technology creates best in class sensitivity and night vision. It will detect humans and animals as soon as they enter the detection field.

The scouting camera will detect movements of wild animals as soon as they enter the detecting range. With our passive infrared sensors, the highly-sensitive camera detects and record every breathtaking motion with low power consumption.

The 940nm black IR LED lights allow you to catch any moment even at complete darkness and invisible to the naked eye.

2.0″ TFT build-in viewer, can play back photo and videos