Boly SG2060-D 36MP game trail camera with Dual Lights


36MP Trail Camera with Dual Lights/Flashes and Colour Display

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SG2060-D is a white flash scouting camera with high image and video resolution of 36MP and 1080P. It is an unique camera among Boly trail cameras. SG2060-D takes colour photos and videos at both day and night because it has a xenon flash light in middle of its LED lights.

Main advantages of the SG2060-D hunting camera:

  • Full colour 36MP picture resolution and 1080p HD video with audio in day and night
  • 57°field of view
  • 100ft. detection and 100ft. lighting range
  • Supports up to 32GB SD card
  • 2.0” LCD colour viewer
  • Photo Burst
  • Supports solar and external power