AUTEL EVO II Battery Charging Hub


AUTEL EVO II Battery Charging Hub

  • For EVO II Flight Batteries
  • Charge Up to 4 Batteries Simultaneously
  • Optimizing Charge and Re-distributing Load
  • LED Indicator for Charging Status
  • Requires EVO II Battery Charger

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EVO II Battery Charging Hub
The EVO II Charging Hub has offered more charging ports. It can easily charge up to 4 EVO batteries with the standard EVO II charger.

EVO II Multi Battery Charger comes with parallel & sequential charging mode
Parallel-charging mode: The charging progress started from the lowest battery, when the power level is the same, the batteries are charged simultaneously.
Sequential-charging mode: The batteries will be fully charged one by one according to their power levels, from high to low.

Exceptions Alert
When exceptions occur (communication error, abnormal charging voltage, etc.), the Charging Hub will keep the red light on to alert user.

Ring Light Indicator
EVO II battery multi charger comes with ring light indicator that shows charging status and identifies errors.

Compatible With EVO II Series Batteries ONLY
EVO 2 Charging Hub is compatible with EVO II Series batteries, including batteries for EVO II(8K), EVO II Pro(6K) and EVO II Dual(8K+ IR).