Swellpro Payload Release (PL1-S) for SD4 drone


Swellpro Payload Release (PL1-S) for SD4 drone

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PL1-S is a payload release module designed for SplashDrone 4. It can be used to drop fishing baits, lifebuoy and other items on targeted locations above the water.

It is waterproof and made from high precision aluminum and stainless steel.

No interference with the radio connection, video transmission, and GPS precision.

Max loading weight of 2kg.

The PL-1 payload release turns the SplashDrone 4 into an aerial bait dropping system that can deliver 2KG of bait and drop the bait at targeted locations up to 4km. The PL-1 can be mounted together with your choice of camera accessories for targeted payload release.Using the SwellPro NaviFLy app, you can program the bait drop or replay flights to successful fishing locations.