Insta360 Sumo Stand (Pro 2 & Pro)


Insta360 Sumo Stand (Pro 2 & Pro)

Designed for the Pro series
Designed for Titan Series
1/4″ and 3/8″ mounting points
Swap out the feet. Rubber, steel or spikes
Tough, light, and stable.

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Shoot In Any Environment

Adjust the legs to wide sumo-like stances, midheight or tall positions. This means you can shoot in almost any environment. Stability secured.

Portability and Stability

The detachable center column means it’s portable, and storable. The legs have a 33mm maximum tube diameter. They won’t wobbly a bit.

Carbon Fiber

Tough as nails. Ultra light.

Mount Ready

With a range of mounting platforms, and points, you can mount a whole bunch of accessories.

Designed with You in Mind

The Telescopic hook under the tripod can be used to hang weight to increase stability, even in high winds. It could also be used as a tool with its integrated Allen key if disassembled from tripod.

The built-in lock system, means you can extend or retract the legs by twisting the leg lock knob a 1/2 turn.

The spirit level in the tripod is a super simple way to see if you’re on level ground.

The center column doubles as a selfie stick. The mounting platform has a 1/4″ and 3/8″ mount point on top of center column meaning you can use a bunch of accessories.